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Attn: US Census Bureau (DOC) After Visit Report.

This happened only moments ago. Her name is Sherry P**********.

The nice lady stated that her supervisor might call to get feedback about her visit. I told her, here is my cell phone number. In fact I'll do ya one better, I'll put in a good word for you on my blog.

At anyrate I was already a little on edge all things considered, and especially so since she wasted no time offering doggie biscuits to the woofers. Ya dig? I was totally cool though, and intended to cooperate fully. I offered her a chair and brought a pitcher of ice & water that is pumped from our spring. I did not roll out the red carpet because she's a Kraut like myself. I simply was going to show that Southern hospitality regardless, and get this over with.

Despite my reputation I'm not a trigger happy psychopath, and she'll corroborate that.

At anyrate, I offered up my passport, birth certificates, copy of my mother's pass port everything I had available. We had a very nice visit. I'm not sure how it came up, but I informed her that Uncle Sam knows who I am, and that I am notorious.

So I'll just cut this short, it was a very nice visit, she was proffesional, and very sweet.

I give her a grade of 115% A++ It's a damn shame she only makes a little over a 11 dollars an hour.

Recommend promotion.

She said she loves America btw.

I even offered to show her my portfolio, but she said she had another scheduled visit, and it's getting dark.

To show the audience how sincere I am about the visit I asked her if she wanted to borrow a side arm for that one.

She smiled, and said, I'm not allowed. So she thanked me for my hospitality and politeness, and that she would make a note of that in her report.

So anyways I wished her well, and here I am. So that's about it.

Now that being said, the Census Bureau man who called me a few weeks ago was a total prick. :) That's all I got to say.



RTG (Wookie)