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Base fails VP Trump* in New Hampshire - almost 2.5 -1 in vote count - WTF?

sensible don

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So this must be the state he loses in that 49 state landslide - so that means New York and California are going Red - whoohoo

President Trump didn't have a serious challenger in the New Hampshire primary, but he still turned out enough voters to more than double former President Barack Obama's 2012 vote total in the state, indicating that the Republican base is all-in on Trump as he prepares to face the eventual Democratic nominee in a reelection battle this November.

With 87 percent of precincts reporting, Trump secured more than 120,000 votes in the Granite State.

and to think Fox is reporting that dismal number as something real special and earth shattering - sure a + 40 point loss is big news I guess

so 120,000 GOP votes vs 288,000 Democratic votes

After a lackluster showing in Iowa, Democrats flooded New Hampshire’s polling places. By Tuesday night, it was clear that turnout would surpass the 254,780 votes cast in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. And on Wednesday, the record 288,672 votes cast in 2008 fell.

According to CNN, when all the votes are counted, at least 295,000 ballots will have been cast in the Democratic primary. That’s good news for Democrats who were closely watching that number after the less-than-eye-popping number of people who attended the Iowa caucuses last week.

sensible don

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It simply confirms the electoral trend line established post 11/2016. To wit, democrats over-perform in turnout everywhere, even when confronted with massive voter suppression efforts (Georgia 2019). Republicans in percentage turnout keep hitting or slightly under-performing their 2016 numbers, there aren't enough new young white male racists to off set the demographic reality of white deaths of despair or otherwise and the handful of women/suburbanite republicans that are offended by the raping, racist traitor. So in red states you get close elections if the margin of russian victory was less than 5%, i.e. good chance the dems will take the Senate where they run decent candidates (GA, SC, CO, ME, AZ, etc) which will push turnout and the top of the ticket regardless, i.e. electoral win for Dems for POTUS. Got it?



Good comment except for your last two words. Yes, demographics are against the Repubs, mainly age, education, and race. Georgia is a prime example of a state that would be light blue, were it not for voter suppression, SC not really. 2020 will probably be high turnout, but given that Iowa wasn't, while NH was, just not clear how much the primaries are good indications.


The Democratic nomination is competitive. The turnout for Trump reflects people who took the effort only to register support for him, in the state he called a “drug-infested den.”