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Bernie Sanders' college loan forgiveness trick.


Council Member
Sometimes a drowning person will drag others under as they go down. That’s pretty much explains the scam of college loans and the people who never understood the Latin phrase, “Caveat Emptor”. For the newly college-educated and the parents stuck with the Ponzi bills of that education, it means “Let the buyer beware”.

College has changed tremendously over the decades. Actual coursework has been dumbed down to attract tuition money, especially for liberal arts colleges. Instead of training students to do useful things that benefit society, many liberal arts institutions have become stooge factories for political correctness to produce idiosyncratic outcomes of interest to academics but worthless to the general population.

While many of today’s college graduates waste time and money on what is essentially four extra years of high school, they often find themselves four years behind someone who went right to work-only they’re stuck with a huge bill for their wasted effort. They know all about white privilege and transgender rights, but they can barely read the contents of restaurant menu and they can’t put together anything in writing that would qualify as a respectable grocery list.

This is what makes Bernie Sanders so dangerous because he is telling people who bought a pig in a poke that he will force the rest of working America to pay the bad debt. Imagine if someone went to a casino and gambled away all their rent and food money. Then a politician comes along and says, Hey, elect me and I’ll make your neighbors pay your gambling tab. It’s got nothing to with socialism, it’s a way for people going down for the third time to drag the rest of us down with them.

Many who would vote for Sanders couldn’t care less about his admiration for Fidel Castro, they see a way for a new, ultra-progressive government to impose onerous taxation on you and I to pay for their mistakes. Your government has already taken away your company pensions and health insurance and replaced them with handicap parking spaces and electric shopping cart scooters because it thinks you are too stupid to know the difference.

It’s marching Corona Virus through Mexico into your neighborhoods because bureaucratic arrogance thinks microbes will bow down to central planning. Bernie Sanders is the ultimate nightmare to destroy the American dream. The Democratic party is done. Payday loan center colleges have seen to that.