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Biden’s 2nd DOJ Pick Is Even Worse Than His First

Plenty of conservatives have warned about the kind of people Biden is nominating to high positions in his cabinet. Sure, they’re all liberals as we should expect. But more than a few appear to hold radical views. Important roles in our government might be filled by people who do not share our most important values and convictions—or even want to upend them.
The caliber of Biden’s picks is less than desirable. One, Neera Tanden, has finally withdrawn after receiving intense heat from both Democrats and Republicans. The nominee had a long history of vicious and ugly attacks against politicians online. It was too much, even more Democrat senators.
Perhaps that victory has empowered Republicans to challenge other Biden picks. Or, perhaps, they are deeply troubled by what one particular nominee might do in office. Because they are sounding the alarm over what this one woman might do at the DOJ.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) warned in a statement on Thursday evening that Vanita Gupta, an attorney who President Joe Biden has nominated for the No. 3 job at the Department of Justice, would make America less safe due to her far-left policy views on policing…
“More than 83k Americans died from drug overdoses last year, but Gupta wants to ‘decriminalize’ possession of ALL drugs, even fentanyl…
“As recently as last summer, Vanita Gupta called to defund the police,” Cotton continued. [Source: Daily Wire]

America 2.0
No matter how you slice it, it’s very bad for the number 3 person in the DOJ to want to defund the police. Her views could have a tremendously detrimental impact on the security of our entire country. But did she really want to defund cops? Pretty much. She claimed it was “critical” for “state and local leaders to” bow to the whims of BLM and “decrease police budgets” as well as the “role” of police “in our lives.”
Do you want someone who says we should “heed” people who destroyed numerous cities over the summer in charge at the DOJ? Do you want someone like this making decisions on law enforcement and major investigations?

She might not have influence over your local police, but as a top member of the DOJ, she could influence investigations and help shape policy that will impact police everywhere.
We’ve already seen nationwide the damage “defunding the police” does. In Minneapolis, ground zero for the movement, they had even vowed to “abolish” their entire police force. What did they get in exchange for the drastic budget cuts to their PD? A massive surge in crime that forced some communities to pay for private security. The radical city council was forced to increase the police budget in the end, to hire and train new cops.

Imagine what would happen if that same radical policy was applied to the entire country? Would we be able to reverse as quickly as Minneapolis did—before serious damage is done?
We can’t say for sure. But what we can say is that now that Gupta is appointed to this post (associate attorney general), we might end up seeing it in realtime.