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Biden's Oil/Gas Industry Albatross That Is Getting MUCH Worse

The situation regarding oil/gas prices and industry production is complicated and messy, as the abcnews link story will attest, but I tend to disbelieve Biden administration mouthpieces (ex, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland) who say the oil industry has 9,000 permits that have been approved, but are not being used.

Dustin Renaud, a spokesman for the environmental coalition Healthy Gulf. says the oil/gas industry "is already sitting on over 8 million acres of unused offshore leases.''

So we're being told that they have all that, and they are letting it just go to waste, when It could be making a lot of money for them. ? Hmm. Something about that doesn't sound right. Sounds like the kind of thing that is difficult to check, but gives the Biden admin, a neat alibi to excuse them from canceling three oil and gas lease sales scheduled in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska, removing millions of acres from possible drilling, as U.S. gas prices reach record highs. As baby formula disappears from store shelves, and other problems keep showing up.

Another thing that makes the Bidens and environmental groups less than credible, is Biden's consistent war with the energy industry, that the whole world saw in the 2020 debates with President Trump, where Biden openly admitted his war with the oil industry. Here are the actual quotes>>

Trump asked. “Would you close down the oil industry?”

“I would transition from the oil industry, yes,”
Biden responded.

“That’s a big statement,” Trump commented.

“It is a big statement, because…the oil industry pollutes, significantly,” Biden responded.

Presidential Debate: Joe Biden Declares He Would 'Transition' America Away from Oil Industry | National Review

Biden cancels offshore oil lease sales in Gulf Coast, Alaska - ABC News (
So Joe Biden is worried about the Pelicans and seagulls of the coast of Florida, that are endangered by possible oil spills. That's a worthy concern certainly, but it rings rather hollow, considering Biden's full support for wind power windmills, which are a far worse environmental disaster - they kill hundreds of thousands of birds every year.

A 2013 study published in The Wildlife Society Bulletin found that wind turbines killed an estimated 573,000 birds annually in the United States.
Going on a MONTH for this thread. Still no sign of the libs. Hiding in their closets ? Under their beds ? Maybe they're with Biden in his basement. Cowards.