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Blaming this USA plant's closing on Trump's tariffs is a lie.


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Element Electronics company is obviously lying.

If the USA levies tariffs upon components, I would suppose and expect we would do so upon similar imported components and finished products from all foreign nations. USA producers are at disadvantages to cheaper foreign labor, but they're at lesser rather than greater disadvantages due to such USA levied tariffs.

I don't doubt that the tariffs will to some extent reduce USA sales of the finished products. We all benefit from cheaper imports, but they don't fully compensate for USA's chronic annual trade deficits consequential reduction of our GDP and net numbers of jobs.

I'm among the proponents of the improved unilateral trade policy concept as described in Wikipedia's “Import Certificates” article. It is superior to pure free trade, tariffs, or any other trade policy we're aware of.

Google Wikipedia, Import Certificates .
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