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Bong Hits for Congress/Senate; It's what my Dad recommended.

Years before his death my Dad stated matter of factly that it should be compulsory for anyone entering the chambers to take at least one bong hit, and inhale (of course) before being admitted to either of the chambers. The only exception is, if you have a Doctor's note stating it's unwise to do so. Though I think such exceptions are unethical in the spirit of the rule. My take is if you are too old or medically unfit to do so, you shouldn't be eligible to dictate policy. Don't like it? East shit mofo!

The whole idea is that our elected officials are more likely to get something meaningful done and compromise.

No exaggeration in the slightest.

Who is my Dad????

Well that is a secret for the time being. The Gubmint knows who he is.

Shsssh, it ain't no thang.

Why not??? If Ted Kennedy could stay drunk all the time, what harm could possibly come from it. Hmmmm?

Things that make you go hmmmm.
I know when I think of people who are able to "get something meaningful done," pot smokers come to mind FIRST!​
Well it's not recommended if you are like in a dangerous work environment with dangerous equipement, or are going to school.

However politicians???? They have employees and support staff working for them. It wouldn't hurt their job one bit. In fact they might learn to compromise, loosen their partisan obstinance, and actually work to get something done.

Hey Ted Kennedy and plenty of others stayed drunk all the time.
I couldn't find the audio clip of Ted Kennedy's drunk singing. Remember the Shalalalalalalalalaaaa!, or his "Osama Obama" comment???

Someone help me with that.