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BREAKING NEWS: BazAres, Step off a Cloud and Landed Here!



Ruthie is a mummified corpse. They can last for thousands of years.
Why is Bader still on the Court? She vowed to leave the US if Trump was elected.

Uh...he won. Why is the crypt keeper still there?

Oh well, just another example of rank liberal lies, hypocrisy and lack of character....
Both sides have access to the best legal minds available.
Since the Dems did not do that, and the Cons have not in the past.
Seems not to be an option here.
The Best and the Brightest (David Halberstam)

Whatever you are made to think seems to be true, that omission can also be explained by questioning the backgrounds of these so-called best legal minds. Their education puts inferior people in superior positions. They got ahead through brain-freezing conformity and are incapable of dealing with original problems such as the refusal to hold hearings.