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Business owners: How much sale$$ are you losing, since housing rents skyrocketed ?

I was a business owner for 10 years. I was always constantly aware of how much people in my sales area were spending on other things. The more they had to spend on those things, the less money they had to buy from me.

Now, we're seeing housing rents jump to levels that nobody has ever seen or even imagined before. A 1 bedroom apartment that was $600/mo, 6 month ago, is now $1200/mo. Another went from $600 to $1800.
Others are well over $2000/mo from being $700/mo not long ago. This must be killing car sales, appliances, furniture, musical instruments, sporting goods, etc.

Glad I'm retired.
Does the lack of response here mean that business owners think they aren't losing money to landlord greed, and uncontrolled rent inflation ? They must be losing fortunes$$$$$$$.
17 days. Maybe there are no business owners in this forum. I know it's a relatively small forum, but there ought to be SOMEBODY. You would think.