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Canned Crap Ain’t Entertainment Or Humor


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Sitcoms were invented by canned laughter. Sitcoms could not exist without canned laughter.

Canned laughter convinces television viewers that there is a studio audience laughing at canned crap.

Sitcoms are generally 30 minutes in length. Eliminate the canned laughter, the commercials, the lead-in time, etc., and you are left with approximately four minutes of dialogue. Nobody would go to a sitcom show to hear four minutes of bad dialogue.

Someday use the pause function and write nothing except the dialogue in play form. Wait a week or so you can forget the show you watched. Then read the dialogue you wrote. You will be stunned to see just how terribly unfunny sitcoms really are.


was not funny, in addition to combing political propaganda with touchy-feeling garbage.

was the second worse sitcom ever. Every sitcom is about nothing, but Seinfeld fooled the audience into thinking that was the only sitcom about nothing.

Every sitcom is about the latest foible of one or more character. (In a sense that is about nothing.)

If Seinfeld was not bad enough, most of the show’s characters screamed their dialogue. Who the hell would sit in a studio to hear that screaming? Who the hell sits in their living room listening to that crap?

write on

"Canned Laughter"

I like that!

Sitcoms were a lot better than they were in the mid to late 90's up until now. What's even better is when you could pull facts, common sense, humor and laughter all together like George Carlin.

Now THAT was, and still is, comedy.