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Cavs Warriors Game 3

Mr. Friscus

I think, therefore, I poop

I'm on life-support over here, at least my team is.

Let me just say this: If the Cavs don't show up AGAIN and get blown out, I think it could have team-splitting rammifications, which would be awful.

It's desperation mode for me as fan. I'm not sure if the Cavs role players aren't showing up, or the Warriors D is just that good. Probably a combination of both.

Meanwhile, I can analyze games to death, but it appears I don't know what I'm talking about LOL.

Can you give me some reasons to feel better?

Mr. Friscus

I think, therefore, I poop

No Kevin Love tonight.

If we were on the road, it might not bother me as much, as much of his game is neutralized because of the Warrior defensive length, atheleticism, and lack of officiating body fouls on pump fakes, which is a big part of Love's game.

However, at home, he's a huge loss. He'll get to the line, and I just think he'd be open for a 4-5 3-pointers, and he can certainly get hot.

IF I were Tyron Lue, I'd start:

PG Kyrie
SG J.R. Smith
SF Iman Shumpert
PF Lebron James
C Tristan Thompson

And, I think within the first 4-5 plays, you run designed plays to get J.R. Smith going to the basket or an open 3. Find out if he's "on" or "off", and act accordingly. If he's going to play with his head up his butt, I'd say move to

PG Kyrie
SG Shumpert
SF Lebron
PF Frye
C Thompson

Or even Keeping LBJ at the PF and putting in Richard Jefferson. He's been impressive.

I'm building up hope that we can "hold serve" at home. I think we'll find out pretty quick. If the Warriors get ridiculously hot and set a tone, it could be a long game. But, I truly think the Cavs can impose on the Warriors. This is as much on Lebron and Lue... I make some excuses for Lebron, but if they lose this game, I'll place due blame (unless it's one of those 37-10-9 games) LOL

Mr. Friscus

I think, therefore, I poop

Watching game 3.

My "Is Steph Curry the MVP" question is being played out. I think he has 2 points, and hasn't initiated much of anything. Kerr benched him for Livingston for defensive purposes. Klay Thompson is the guy who has saved the Warriors time and time again this playoffs.

Meanwhile, I can't believe the Cavs aren't getting some of these calls. Draymond Green high-5's Lebron's wrist on a dunk attempt, no call. Lebron gets Green up in the air, Green comes down on Lebron with the body, no call. I've never seen a team get away with more under the basket than Golden State.

However, let me get away from that. J.R. Smith has showed up, but he can do a LOT more. However, his 2 3's are big. Kyrie Irving has had a very very good first half, with multiple big 3-pointers.

The Cavs went on a 2nd quarter lull, where they had about 4-5 straight awful offensive possessions.

Before you go saying I bitch about the officiating too much, this game isn't NEARLY as bad as Game 2. However, Golden state is getting away with a LOT for being the road team.

The Cavs are up at halftime, I think they should be up by more. I feel as if it's teetering right now. Even though we're up 8, everyone knows an 8-point lead can become 2 in 30 seconds against Golden State.

Plus, you get the feeling that Curry is just due. The Cavs can't worry about that, they need to put their heads down and have valuable possessions.

The biggest factors of the game so far:

1. Kyrie Irving
2. Klay Thompson
3. Lebron
4. Warriors Bench
5. Ref No calls
6. J.R. Smith
15. MVP Steph Curry

I feel like I'm asking for it. But...