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Check out the president of the Woman's Republican Club of New Orleans


America's BEST American: Impartial and Bipartisan
1. The person who contested the statement is also a Republican (GOP state Rep. Stephanie Hilferty)

2. In this Crooks & Liars article written by some guy named "David" it is mentioned about slaveowners taking" very good care of them, and their families." Well, slaves received housing, clothing, food, medical care, and in the US South, they were known to be quite proficient at musical instrument playing. As a professional musician myself, I know that you don't get to be that good at it, unless you OWN the instrument and play it day in and day out, for years.

US slaves were known to be expert banjo players, and southern whites were too, having been taught by black slaves, who owned their own banjos, which were factory made, and not cheap. It certainly wasn't good to be owned by someone, but in the course of it, there were some good things.