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Co. D, 1st Florida Cavalry(USA)


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A little over a month ago,I was scrolling through my bookmarks and saw something I had forgotten about. 5 years ago,when I was still new to Civil War history and my genealogy, I posted on my Facebook page about what I had found in my Civil War research on my ancestor on my mother's side in the 6th Florida Infantry. For some reason I bookmarked that and I think it's because of a reply I got. One of my mother's cousins who lives in Pensacola has done quite bit of genealogical research on our common family. One of his replies had some information that I must have overlooked or just didn't know what I didn't know. At that time everything I knew came from Ancestry and the National Archives. I didn't know existed or about the NPS database.

As to the relative who posted that in my FB thread...his father and my mother's mother were siblings which I guess makes him my second cousin. We were both probably teenagers the last time we saw each other. In the message,he mentioned that his GG Grandfather fought with the 2nd Florida Cavalry(US). I don't think it clicked at the time that he was also my GGG Grandfather. It clicked that day but it was late and I was on my cellphone. It's easier searching fold3, Ancestry and NPS on a desktop.

I searched the next day and found a lot of stuff. The first hurdle was that my second cousin had his regiment wrong. The fold3 records for my ancestor say he was in the 1st Florida Cavalry(US), not the 2nd Florida Cavalry(US), and he enlisted on March 15,1864 and mustered out on Nov. 17,1865. There was a man with a similar name in the 2nd Florida Cavalry(US) in fold3 and he died of typhoid fever in Cedar Key,FLA in September 1864. I cross-checked the regiments on the NPS database and it matched.