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College Student Suspended for Anti-Tran Statement

Owen Stevens, a student at State University of New York (SUNY), was suspended in November for posting a video to his Instagram account in which he said, ''A man cannot become a woman, and a woman cannot become a man.''

The school said Stevens' statements ''call(ed)into question ''his ability to ''maintain a classroom environment protecting the mental and emotional well-being of all of [his] students.''

It insisted he complete a ''remediation plan'' which included removing his Instagram videos, tempering his social media posts, and attending school-approved training. It also insinuated that he must accept the liberal ideology on homosexuality and transgenderism.

Owens said he would not comply with the demands for "re-education" training. The college has now rescinded its suspension.

Despite the reinstatement, Stevens told The Daily Wire he still intends to sue the school.

''This is a huge victory for us … but we need to push back so that destructive policies leave our universities,'' Stevens said. ''We are still planning legal action … The much larger issue is that the university will almost always back down in the face of negative media attention. Going the legal route will provide legal precedent in order to challenge their policies in court.

American universities are perhaps the most leftist and destructive entities in America today, providing the foundation for the leftist bias in American media and government. One of the things I found a bit fascinating in this story is the mention of the colleges "gender studies" department. Whaaat ? "gender studies". What the hell is that ? These lunatic asylums have gone so far over the deep end nowadays that, even as a former university teacher myself, I would advise against parents sending their kids to these nuthouses (with an exception of a few).

If one wants to become a lawyer, engineer, or physician then yes, it may be necessary, but be sure to monitor what classes the kids are signing up for.

In the meantime, good for Owen Stevens. Sue their pants off.

College Student Reinstated After Suspension for 'Man Cannot Become Woman' Post
A New York college has rescinded its suspension of a student who it barred from the teaching program for posting a video in which he declared ''a man is a man, a woman is a woman.'' State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo's Associate Provost for Academic Success Joseph...


Mostly Liberal
Yeah, he sounds too dumb to be in college. He should be dismissed. He's clearly taking up room that far more intelligent students (and amoebas for that matter) could be using.