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Coming Soon. Your Extinction.


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I struggled with whether or not I should bother posting this in a ghost town forum in a ghost town section. Where I am unlikely to get a reply. But I decided to waste my time anyway. So here it goes.

At this very moment, we are in the midst of an extinction event. Which is going to get exponentially worse. I will give you some examples of how and why. Some of this information came from an episode of 60 Minutes called "The Vanishing Wild." On that show they said that in the past 50 years, global wildlife has dropped by 69%. Though later on they said that since 1970 in latan america, the abundance of wildlife has dropped by 94%! Though they didn't specify as to which part of latan america they were referring to. It is hard to believe that wildlife has dropped by that much in both Central and South America.

Also, each day around 137 plant, insect or animal species goes extinct. That is over 50,000 species a year. I looked into this matter further. It seems that scientists aren't exactly sure on the number. They said that the actual number could be as little as 10,000 a year to over 100,000 per year. Also, in the Amazon Jungle alone, each day around 200,000 acres of jungle are burned.

Another point is that humans are consuming 175% more than the Earth can regenerate. On top of that, the U.S. loses around 24 billion tons of topsoil each year. We are losing soil at 10 times its natural replenishment rate. In China and India, it is 30 to 40 times faster. Also, for all the humans on Earth to be living the kind of lifestyle that we do here in the U.S., we would need another 5 Earths to provide the raw materials.

Obviously, there are too many people on the planet. Now, let's get all nice and "racist," shall we? The population levels of Whites aren't rising. In some areas, they are going down a little. And how many White Americans are trying to sneak into mexico. Or how many White Europeans are trying to sneak into Africa and the Middle East. Not that republicans are any better, but "bleeding heart" liberals would have you walking to your graves holding hands and singing "Kumbaya." And eating bugs along the way. To be letting illegals from latan america into this country with ever dwindling resources on the planet already is pure insanity. And TREASON! But I have the answer. And likely, so do you. All you have to do is think of what you aren't allowed to say. That is the answer. But I will say it. WAR!!! If I am to head to my grave, I want to [Unwelcome language removed] kill something along the way. A LOT of "somethings!"