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Contemplating Political Leaders...


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You can dance around it all you like, but still you remain here enjoying all the comforts capitalism provides...Nothing brave or noble in that.
Ergo, no reason to believe a word you say - You know communism is inferior.
It's all good.
For turkey day this Christian Nation SCOTUS Islamidiotocracy will be giving thanks for their national religion of Mohammed pedophilia based on their Islam medical human reproduction pseudoscience some 600 - 800 years A.D. in that flying carpet Aesop fables tradition creation of maintaining Christiananality pedophilia interpretation of "one nation under God with equal justice under law" where Federal Lynching KKK churchstate of hate fiefdom drug trafficking enforcement thieving National Archives purchased US Constitution Bill of Rights - old glory presented by Eisenhower to Holocaust survivors for business excellence - hand scribed old testament - absentee voting ballots arsonists under color of law as law of the land ChristHitlers rivaling WW II Mengele "Angel of Death" baptize thine eyes by urinations suicidal super egos sociopsychopathilogical homicidal human farming of SCOTUS supreme swastika up Uranus kangaroo court diatribe tautology to maintain cognitive dissonance for "man is God" dhimmitude servitude health care plan patriot act genocide pogrom.


I feel a bit lightheaded. Maybe you should drive.
Politicians virtue is dependent on how many appearances they made on The Apprentice.
LOL! You know you are responding to a guy who hasn't been here in ten years, right? Maybe he was the only intelligent one in the entire Fray bunch.