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Cop flips over pregnant woman's car


Staff member
Driving 84 in a 70 and takes 2 minutes+ to pull over........

She put Many people in Peril at that speed..........herself and her Baby

Hell, hot coffee at McDonalds wins people lots of money, we are a sue nation!
Was she within her rights, yes or no?


Supporting Member


Supporting Member
You're so defensive for this cop flipping a pregnant woman in her car, yet you thought it was no big deal when your Trumpie cohorts beat the hell out of 140+ cops at the Trump-incited Jan 6 insurrection.
Could you tell she was pregnant at 84 mph in a 70 mph zone?

Why would a pregnant woman endanger her Baby driving that fast?

You think BLM Sullivan was a Trump cohort!

WTF does Jan. 6 have to do with the woman?