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Cuomo delivering excellent update on NY and in general

I thought single payer government run healthcare like they have in Italy was the answer to every human illness or injury - I am shocked, SHOCKED to learn that there is rationing going on there...

They stalled/hesitated on the response like we did. For an economic "consideration".


I feel a bit lightheaded. Maybe you should drive.
Nah, from the predators who hid what was coming from the public to get their insider trading and donor advisement sessions wrapped up first. Can't understand why the 50 governors don't answer to you, such an outrage.
Typical leftist - not a clue that in fact the governors DO work for us.


I feel a bit lightheaded. Maybe you should drive.
Oh sure, you can whine, please procede.
So exercising your second amendment right is "whining" to you? Was this also just a bunch of whiners?

Revolutions cannot succeed without effective communication among the people who are rebelling. Without the existence of a relatively free press, the American Revolution might never have happened. And interestingly, America owes the development of the free press to the long struggle in England for individual rights.

You'd have made an outstanding Loyalist...


Staff member
Yes. Cuomo does the SOLID again..

Live on air now.. calls them ALL out...

STFU partisans and DO YOUR JOB.

F'in aye RIGHT.

S. T. F. U. with your posturing, and your fault finding... do. your. goddamn. job.