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Cuomo looking better all the time?


I feel a bit lightheaded. Maybe you should drive.
“Well spoked” is welcomes right now. It’s what the country needs. He isn’t expressing delusional hopes of things being normal by Easter. Refreshing.
LOL! If that's the case, why are you sporting a Biden endorsement?



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and you say I can't speak English well, re-read you last to post :cool:

Joe is making a fool of himself

My post was slop, can't argue it.

And not a Joe Biden thread, please don't derail. Thanks!
There's a nascent "draft cuomo" movement emerging among the democrat cognoscenti.

They got a boost yesterday when Biden, in one of those dreaded campaign speeches his handlers are trying to suppress, became confused about an honorary title he received years ago from the University of Pennsylvania, and began to ramble on about his experiences teaching there. Which never took place.

I suppose this seems like the perfect riposte to out of power democrats, fuming of trumps trillions of tweets.

But although trump may have falsely claimed to be a real estate and deal making savant, as far as I can recall he hasn't yet forgotten his actual resume, and even what office he is running for during this campaign.

So will Democrat super-duper delegates, unconstrained by their voters' actual primary results, dump Biden in the toilet as part of a backroom deal to hand pick their savior?

No one can say for sure.

One thing we can surmise, however: theoretical nominee Cuomo, if forced to hit the campaign trail, could be battered mercilessly by republicans for his gleeful attempt to hoard every last corona virus ventilator on earth for New Yawk while governor this year.

Unless Biden steps forward with a beatific expression, and starts confusing his "Doctor of BS" degree from the University of Pennsylvania with an imaginary stint as some Marvel/Avengers comic book super physician who saved the planet from "batman virus".

The burden of Biden, or the trauma of Cuomo. Evidently it's no longer the people's choice . . .
Who made states compete in a bidding war that will cost lives we don't really gaf about?