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Deals Democrats Could Make

So here we go with the caravan now making monetary demands on US taxpayers, if you can believe that. Nowadays, it seems like anything goes whether sane or insane. :rolleyes: This is one (just another) of the insane ones, Ho hum. Undoubtedly, if you're conservative, you're just laughing at this lunacy. On the other hand, maybe the caravaners aren't as stupid as they appear. There could be some politicians on the left who might actually consider this looney demand, seriously.

Who might that be ? Consider that 2 of the 4 southwestern states (California and New Mexico) are both quite liberal, and have Democrat governors. Even so, wouldn't they be opposed to the Hondurans going back to Honduras ? In general, Democrats are open borders freaks, view the caravan quite favorably, and WANT the caravan migrants coming into the US, to provide more VOTES for them. They could even be inclined to shell out money to help the caravaners get into the US.

Another possible scenario is maybe Democrats could make a deal with the caravan demanders. Perhaps they could pay them $50K each, in return for sending mail ballots from Honduras, voting for the Democrat candidate, when Trump runs for re-election in 2020 (this is why I'm so opposed to mail voting)

Some years ago, I wouldn't have even contemplated something like this, but seeing how wild and crazy and fanatical Democrats have become in 2018, nothing they do surprises me anymore.