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Democrats So Crazy They're Now Killing Their Opponents

It's well known about the serial killing Clintons and the many murders they set up, but for decades, political murder had still been something generally confined to just them. Now we have a Las Vegas, Nevada Democrat, Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles, who was arrested for the stabbing killing of an investigative reporter, Jeff German. German had been writing a series of high-profile stories that uncovered claims of bullying and retaliation.

Maybe it's time for Lee Zeldin, Steve Scalise, Rand Paul, and others who have been attacked, to hire well-armed bodyguards. Even if Republicans aren't in a police station leftist lunatics are trying to burn down, they still may be in danger from the 2022 crazies willing to go after them.

Las Vegas public official arrested on suspicion of murder in investigative reporter's death