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Did you get your Coronavirus Guidelines postcard today?

Bugsy McGurk

Mail doesn't run until 3pm

There's a shortage of N95 mask because after swine flu no one ordered replacements for the 100,000 used...…...
Trump should have done that, no?

Except we’re probably short well over 10 million masks.

Fear not though - Trump is on it.


Staff member
Not bad. Just misspent resources. I think the dimmest nitwit knows by now that they should wash their hands. Are there any other good tips on the postcard?
i dunno i threw it out. i can go look. but...i agree.. especially helpfil for persons that are dim, or maybe dont use computing...etc..

good move...covering all bases.

Marcus Aurelius

Supporting Member
ok. now communicating guidelines in printed form is bad.

Cant have briefings because... Trump.

Can't have mailers because... Trump.

Can't have a stimulus package because... Trump.

Can't have a cure because..... Trump.

If Trump is involved even a little it is inhernelty evil, racist and should be vigorously opposed.