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Did you hear about this and Kavanaugh?

write on

Nah….your ignoring the FACTS presented to you. NPR mislead those who put trust in them. Your silliness is noted.
Let's not forget about another right wing propaganda rag...



You talk as if NPR has masses listening to them compared to the lies fax newz spew daily.

But hey! They lead the pack on zombies that listens to their bs.

Who owns the Sun and Fox N3wz?

Your very feeble attempt at changing the subject of this thread is a major failure. NPR was caught up in their web of deceit.


Let's not forget about another right wing propaganda rag...

I know you are struggling deeply with the subject matter of THIS thread. Your attempt at derailment is pitiful. All you have is….but, but……BUT. LOL


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After reading some of the attempted derailments of this thread, it is apparent that some will sink as low as they can go. They are flopping around like fish out of water….lol
and been out of the water so long they're starting to stink

NPR straight up lied and sucker fish sucked it up as truth