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Dino-Dollars ! Now Brown, Fat Elvis Trump Forgets What Day it is In Bizarre, Gaffe-Filled Speech

sensible don

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Friday, Saturday - quickly say did he have a STROKE with all that slurred speech and confusion? I would hope the so called anti Trumpers will attack him the same as they have attacked sleepy joe the past few days............But they won't just watch - lmao at the Mango water carriers ! It ain't heavy, it's Trump water!

Trump Forgets What Day it is In Bizarre, Gaffe-Filled Speech (


btw - they are really re-naming Pennsylvania and he sure HATES the military doesn't he. whoot whoot

just a taste of the lunacy - let's go @superlee ! attack dogs - sic!

Here is a partial list of bizarre statements and lies from Trump's speech in Harrisburg:

  • Trump falsely claimed no one died in Afghanistan under his watch.
  • Trump falsely claimed he won Pennsylvania twice
  • He falsely claimed Biden would take away guns and the right to self-defense
  • He falsely claimed there were no terrorist attacks during his presidency
  • He called the Resolute Desk the "Trump desk", and claimed Biden kept the desk because wanted to sit in the Trump desk
  • He falsely claimed Mexico took 32% of the car industry
  • He falsely claimed electric cars don't work in cold weather ( gee like who else on here )
  • He falsely claimed Catholics are being persecuted in the United States
  • He falsely claimed Democrats cheated in the 2020 election
  • He said "they" would change the name of the State of Pennsylvania, without specifying who "they" was
  • He falsely claimed he got Mexico to send 28,000 troops to the border

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  • Meanwhile the media continues to give Trump, who is three years younger than Biden, a pass for repeated incomprehensible and often frightening gaffes. Here are some of the highlights of Trump's speech in Harrisburg:

    Here Trump forgets that it's Friday night and says it's a "nice Saturday afternoon."

    Trump brags that he killed the border security bill. he owns it !

    Trump says he "did nothing" on gun violence while he was President.

    Trump forgets where he is for a second and slurs his words when talking about subsidies.

    Here Trump gets confused and starts talking about "dino-dollars."

    Trump claimed that Pennsylvania will cease to exist because "they" want to change the name.

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:) If I thought Trump had had a "stoke" I'd sure ask of it here in PJ and I don't recall anyone posting of Biden having a "stoke" yet wondering of his dementia which btw are two different conditions.

Trump burned many bridges while speaking of Haley's husband that is deployed to Africa with SC NG's, better question, where is his wife?

Did you have a "stoke" posting your rant_________?
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sensible don

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Who is Hayles - how about Haley's ? what a hoot - look before you cast stones living in a glass house....
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sensible don

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to different conditions about TWO

hmmmm............Glass houses, you would think before you beotch about a typo you would be sure your rant was clean of typos, what hoot !