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Don't Go To New York City

Don't go to New York City, unless it is absolutely necessary. If you live there, MOVE. Get out of there, (as I did 44 years ago). Under the mayorship of Bill DeBlasio, New York has descended into one of the most dangerous, unfit for human habitation, hellholes in America.

A convicted rapist, after pleading guilty to 4 rapes, at his family's mansion, will get no jail time, None.

New York man, 20, gets no jail after pleading guilty to raping 4 teen girls
A judge granted a 20-year-old probation after he pleaded guilty to raping four teenage girls at his family's mansion in Lewiston, New York. in 2017 and 2018.

A NYC man out on bail, earlier convicted of a gun-related Crime + recent illegal possession of a firearm, shot a 13 year old boy in the neck.

NYC man out on bail walks up to 13-year-old boy, shoots him the neck: ‘Should not have happened’
NYPD Assistant Chief Kenneth Lehr on Tuesday said the suspect was out on parole for a 2010 firearms and illegal drug conviction and was also out on bail for possession of an illegal firearm in 2019.

A controversial bail reform law New York implemented in January 2020, made release before trial automatic for most people accused of misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies. Authorities have said the law has made it difficult to keep criminals off the streets, and that suspects are routinely released for serious crimes.

Hundreds of examples, but these 2 should suffice.