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Don't Suck Venom Out of a Snakebite

We've all seen western movies where some cowboy gets bit by a rattlesnake, makes a small cut with a knife and then sucks out the venom and spits it out. This might look good in movies, but in real life it is not considered an advisable action.

Snakebite kits exist with a suction device, but these have been found to be almost totally useless.

What medical experts DO recommend is >>
1. keep as still and calm as possible
2. keep the bite wound physically below the heart, thereby slowing the spread of venom throughout the body,
3. remove any constricting jewelry in the event of swelling.
4. take note of the size and color of the snake
5. wear protective clothing - tall boots are especially good (they may not be as comfortable as sneakers but they are a lot safer, and snake bites are the main reason why boots have always been part of soldiers' uniforms.)

Is It Safe To Suck The Venom Out Of A Snake Bite? (