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Dr Fauci, a true American hero.


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Fauci is a quack. Take a little trip down the AIDS rabbit hole . He’s not got a clue. Just the kind of retard you Leftists live to put on a pedestal.
Disinfectant injected directly into yourself
No, this one is fake, and it probably bothers you even more that it is.

Evangelicals build golden Trump statue as COVID19 cure - Damascus Dropbear

Didnt you know? Trump is widely respected around the world.


You have the fauci suck up sickness now and you show the symptoms.
You have the symptoms of several recently discovered diseases.

OANosis: It is a progressive disease of the mind where under the influence of conservative media the individual moves further and further right towards complete hardcore Fascism.

Breitbartomas: are growths that cause a condition where the minds of right-wingers skip over or completely ignore pertinent facts from past incidents when trying to defend their own behaviors. These growths mostly affect an individual righty's honesty and integrity.

Contagious Qarreha: the uncontrollable discharge insane right wing conspiracy theories. If left on its own, the disease will spread rapidly among the naive and gullible.

Minoriphobia: a paranoia fixated upon the belief that minorities are trying to steal your elections by impersonating people who have the right to vote against your agenda.

Trumpophilia: an uncontrollable attraction and need to worship the lying scam artist and conman Donald J Trump. It is a destructive mental is disorder specific to the conservative regions of the United States. Although it has claimed lives in such places as New Zealand mosques and inspired terroristic uprisings throughout the nation.


Watch for that cliff!
You know what is funny about that ?
The people who didn't want to wear mask constantly bring up the time they were told not to where mask while they still won't take the measures that would mean no one would have to wear mask in the future.

As in, quit whining and get vaccinated.