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Elon Musk for President in 2024 ! Wait . . . what ?


Photo above - AI art response to prompts "Musk launches DeSantis campaign"
Not shown - whether Disneyworld is planning a Magic Kingdom ride based on this . . .

Ron DeSantis launches 2024 presidential campaign ahead of Twitter chat with Elon Musk | AP News

Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Finally, a candidate we can all get behind. Elon Musk for President! Musk is the most popular foreigner since Arnold Schwarzenegger. Wait . . . what? Musk WASN'T the candidate? But I saw that Twitter announcement (see link above). Musk was holding hands with some ferret faced guy named Ron DeSantis. It HAS to be the more famous guy who's running for president, doesn't it? What's going on here?

Okay, all snarking aside . . . why would anyone start sending campaign checks to a second string candidate just because some billionaire says to? But to be fair, Elon Musk isn't the first, last, best or worst wannabe kingmaker who has foisted himself on the unwary.

You just KNOW that Musk always thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. Because he's the guy who conned the Obama administration into coughing up billions in tax incentives for rich California guys to buy his $100,000 Tesla electric hot rods. Because Musk is the guy that saved earth from global warming with his Solar City rooftop panel company in 2006. The same Solar City company which then almost went bankrupt, and was merged into Tesla (and it's bottomless subsidies) to save it. Musk is the guy who launched a convertible into deep space to impress both extraterrestrials and earth's investors. Who has been sanctioned numerous times by the SEC for making false statements about his business ventures. Who bought Twitter for waaaay more than it was worth, then presided over the exodus of half the subscribers and staff. THAT Elon Musk. The smartest guy in the room, for sure.

Well, DeSantis isn't the smartest guy either, if he thought hooking up with Musk would get his campaign off with a bang. There is an open debate about whether the glitches in Ron's Twitter feed were an accident, or a subtle demonstration by Musk of his power over Ron - and us.

I don't think either of these guys has a clue about how to fix our economy. Admit it . . . an “entrepreneur” who went from zero to hero through government subsidies? HE'S the guy anyone would pick to solve the national debt? Nope . . .I guess that's supposed to be DeSantis. Ron is the guy who has proved that he doesn't know where (in Florida) tax dollars come from. Or how to spend them responsibly. Elon and Ron deserve each other.

If you think this rant is a backhanded endorsement of Biden or Trump, you're wrong. Biden's the guy who fled to Japan rather than take charge of his dumpster fire budget talks. Biden handed the ball off to a sub, then took a knee. Trump is the guy who sold us that BS about building a wall and tricking Mexico into paying for it.

Gavin Newsom has run California into the ground. He has zero credibility too. Homelessness. Epic drug overdoses. Smash and grab robberies 24/7. Newsom is no doubt toying with the idea of having a Twitter feed where Oprah Winfrey endorses him. Don't laugh . . . Oprah is now rumored to be the one and only person waiting on stage left to fill Diane Feinstein's Senate wheelchair. Oprah's appointment to finish out Feinstein's term will be made by Governor Newsom, right? One hand washes the other. I told you celebrity endorsements were garbage.

Earlier this month Michelle Obama leaped onstage with Bruce Stringbean – the septuagenarian (age 73) New Jersey rocker famous for his iconic “Born to Run” anthem (is this prophetic, or what!!) No joint Twitter event needed here . . . we get the message. You and Michelle rock!

The vultures are circling the political corpses of Biden and Trump. And they appear to be the most mundane of scavengers, without any ideas. Other than moving right into the White House themselves.

Get back to me when someone has an actual campaign platform which addresses America's challenges. And no . . I don't mean you Senator Tim Scott. The guy who seems to believe that Christian prayer is the answer to every question. Tim - most Americans now are secular, in case word from on high hasn't reached you.

Full disclosure – this writer began dissing Musk a decade ago, before it was cool. Anybody who runs around thumping his chest because he got rich on government handouts is a deluded nutjob. Buying Twitter and running it into the ground is just more evidence, if any is needed.