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Even if Kyle had been a white supremacist he'd have been not guilty because of self-defense.


Blacks are shot less than what is commensurate with their criminal and violent behavior. Blacks being 13% of the American population commit around 50% of the homicides; the top marker for all violent behavior. In other words violence builds up to homicide and it stands to reason Blacks lead in all underlying violence. Criminality is also at issue and is reflected in the High volume of 911 calls received in predominantly black communities.

Blake confessed to having the knife when he was shot.

You're right the absence of charges, if true, comes from the impunity with which the Kenosha DA performs his job. As has become evident nationwide with his televised performance of prosecutorial misconduct in regards to Kyle Rittenhouse. Yet another reason to have the man fired and disbarred.
1% of Blacks commit violent crimes, but ALL Blacks are at heightened risk of being killed by police. The disproportionate rate at which Blacks commit crimes on one hand, and are shot by police on the other, are inseparable from the systems of racial discrimination in employment, education, and housing that create those disparities. Blake was not holding the knife when shot nor did Police know it existed. Rittenhouse was obviously indicted under tremendous popular pressure by a DA who did everything in his power to throw the case … a DA who revealed his true colors with his refusal to indict the cops who shot Blake.