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Fall of Kabul 8-30-2021


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Who was in charge of the Embassy in 2021 & 2022? Hint: it wasn't Trump.
Who was in charge when the staff was cut in 2019? It wasn't Biden. Who was in charge in 2020 when the embassy should have been working like mad to get in touch with Americans to get them out? Again...not Biden.

Are you thinking starting January 20th that Biden should have ramped up embassy staff in Kabul? I know someone who worked for the State department in 2020 and 2021 in Germany. They were very suddenly hit with thousands of applicants to leave Kabul in March/April. Imagine someone completely unfamiliar with Afghanistan having to vette the applicants. We probably had state department personnel around the world tasked with doing that.

Trump set up a disaster to hand to Biden. He then refused to even meet with Biden to ease the transition....instead taking his documents and leaving for Mag-a-Lardo.