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FALSE Video Claims Victimization for Black Women

Yesterday, August 3, 2020, was Black Women's Equal Pay Day. This video will show what the discrimination claims are, associated with this. In addition, are the retorts that show why black women are anything but victims, regarding discrimination.

black women nbc news - Bing video
1. CLAIM >> "For every $1.00 a white man makes, a black woman makes only $0.63."
FALSE! Since black women get hired to jobs through Affirmative Action, which white men are discriminated from, and since the white men never get hired to that job, then those black women are making $0.63 more than the white men (who are getting zero).

2. CLAIM >> "Imagine having to work seven extra months to earn the same pay as a male-coworker."
FALSE! notion. Imagine having to be without a job and career entirely for 50 years, because a black women was hired to a job, or given financial aid in a university, which a white man was denied, because of his race/sex.

3. CLAIM >> "It takes the typical black women 19 months to earn what the average white man earns in 12 months."
FALSE! Since the white men never did get hired to that job, because of AA discrimination, then they are making nothing in that job, during that 12 months.

4. CLAIM >> "If black women were paid fairly, they would earn an additional $950,000 over the course of their careers."
FALSE! If black women were paid fairly, ie. if they were hired on the basis of qualifications (instead of race/sex), they may have earned nothing in that job.

PS - notice that in using the term "Black women" the author of the video capitalizes the word "Black", but is using the term "white men", the word "white" is kept in small lettering. More anti-white racism.