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Finally... A Light Exposed On The Cause of Inflation.


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No, it doesn’t. If it did the workers wouldn’t have the power to unionize and the bosses wouldn’t be whining about a (cheap) labor shortage.
My bad. Starbucks starting wage is $15 an hour, it's average worker making $17 an hour. Must be the non-starbucks coffee shops that start at 14 an hour


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How much money does someone have to have before they can quit their job and you won't think they are indolent?
Is that what you think. That's not what I think. I think there's dignity in all work and indignity inherent in those who think that someone else owes them


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No, inflation benefits me, and it hurts them. Stay indolent. It means more money for me.
So your food, gas, interest rates are cheaper than others in Indiana

Not bloody likely

So why does your OP whine of inflation?
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We are talking jobs in total, not just retail.
Half . Still catching up?

Let me know when you're caught up

Alright. This is good.
Automation ends up making the labor shortage worse.
From your own link:
Screenshot_20221201-180843_Samsung Internet.jpg
So automation is going exacerbate the labor shortage and inflation. The need for labor is not disappearing or even decreasing. You need a bigger labor force to combat inflation.


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The Poor are not comfortable
Makes you Rich if comfortable
toe-MAY-toe toe-MAH-toe I was comfortable when I had very little money. I've had a good life. But is a lot of easier to fix life's little problems when you can throw money at them.