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Florida hospitals fearing the worst Covid numbers yet


Dammitt!!! Democrats lead republicans in Florida...

Too bad that didn't work out because they need a Dem to lead them out of this crisis that the Republicans they got led them into.

Bugsy McGurk

Too bad that didn't work out because they need a Dem to lead them out of this crisis that the Republicans they got led them into.
DeSantis actually made it illegal for Florida towns and businesses to slow the spread of Covid with things like mask mandates. He might well be the worst covidiot among all GOP cult leaders.


Yup. The GOP cult is so bizarre now that they need to “out crazy” each other to get traction.
And still they are only a shadow of the crazy we just got rid of.
It's true. The monster appears to have died in the second act of the movie.

It always means he's coming back in an even worse form in the third act.


Ending Racism with or without Hillary
So you produce a graph from the Kaiser Family Foundation, and we are all supposed to go OO and AH ? It means zilch, and is just a picture, the same as some biased person's BS.

I'm not "blaming" minorities (and I happen to be one myself),.I am just repeating what I heard, just like you are repeating what you heard from the Kaiser Family Foundation. And BTW, their graph is preposterous. Are you for real ? You believe that 69% of white people are "definitely not get the vaccine " HA HA. Who wrote this graph ? Nancy Pelosi ? AOC ? Might as well have been them, or their equivalent.

The virus is not raging in red states any more than any other states, and if it ever was, it would be because of Biden's unvetted, unvaccinated illegal aliens, that he is spreading all over the country.
Wasn't George Kaiser a campaign bundler for Obama and an owner of Solyndra and the first recipient of any Govt money in 2009? Why yes!

Solyndra - Wikipedia

George Kaiser - Wikipedia


Ending Racism with or without Hillary
And the article says:

Updated: 10:37 AM EST Nov 16, 2020

So your are still waiting for election results cuz you didn't like the outcome? The Corona update is accurate.

These maps are powered by data from Johns Hopkins University CSSE. They aggregate case numbers from county-level data and can sometimes vary from state-level data provided by state health departments.

7/21/21 11:31:20 PM EDT
Last Updated

Your lie was busted. It's deplorable that you are so willing to kill people for political gain.
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Ending Racism with or without Hillary
No, the graph is saying that 69% of the people who say they will not get vaccinated are white, and the vast majority of those white people in that 69% figure are Republicans.

Now here you go blaming Hispanics.

We are back to 45K infections per day.

Red states have it bad because Republican leadership continued to fight mitigation efforts. 11 top the top 13 states that have the most new infections are Republican states and here are a few that are really showing what that looks like.

View attachment 64270

View attachment 64264

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View attachment 64269
Funny cuz more people die in blue states.

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