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For all the Pro-vaxxers in the house

God of War

Lets go Brandon!
They're just approved. Childish insults like that doesn't help your cause- as weak as it is.
That was an "insult"? Hardly. Calling someone a bullshitter is a normal conversational interjection. But it is like a Democrat to find insult in everything they can.

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Are you going to get it soon? Are you going to mix the flavor? Say Moderna or J&J? I THINK they are saying that mixing gives a better response. I don't know I think mixing makes it more difficult to sue.
The only mixing is that of Maderna and J&J.

I like Science. I'll listen to the Scientists and get it when it's approved.

Hell, they may have already infected me and anyone else that's been to a Dr. and took advice and whatever pill I was told to take.

What about the food chain!? We could be infected by that means.

This f'n shit is getting way too much stupid!!!

God of War

Lets go Brandon!

I noticed how you avoided confessing to your getting your 3rd Covid gene therapy injection. How'd it go? Your eyebrows fall off?

Keep it up and you might still make the X-Men Team.:rolleyes:

God of War

Lets go Brandon!

Don't you want to do you civic duty and witness to the other believers (and disbelievers) to the power of faith in the 3rd experimental gene therapy injection ceremony you've partaken in? Or tell us when you plan to do so you can come back and share?

What better way to convince than to testify. To bear witness. Honestly, unless I see a good number of XGTI fans sharing their story of glory I don't see why I should bother getting in line. Do you?

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That's what the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna shot are - experimental gene therapy injections.
They were "experimental", until Science showed their effectiveness.

What's your rebuttal? Facebook?

I'm so f'n disheartened thinking that your god is showing you how to combat the covid virus, yet you 'defy' him because of politics.

It's settled....I'm going off the grid.

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Damages from an experimental gene therapy injection.
Th3 government is experimenting on all of of but you right wingers don't give a second thought about what you eat.

Here's a question;

What this?

Hint: You eat it


Why are you r3ight wingers so obtus3?