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From the "Why do Republicans win elections" File: San Francisco Treat Edition


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San Francisco leaders show early support for $5 million reparation payments for eligible Black residents

Really - Does anyone in their right mind think that the idea of giving people $5 Million dollars each if their skin happens to be black is a sensible idea. Everyone of the politicians that support this should be recalled.

Stupid ideas like this are why voters against liberal politicians.


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So why do leftist politicians get elected over and over in Cali?

Voters evidently agree with such politicians


You can’t put a price on human rights. $5 million is cheap compared to the promised reparation fo 40 acres and a mule with compound interest, which comes to $16 million per individual. But this proposal has no chance of getting off the ground (except maybe as a boondoggle benefitting a few wealthy connected individuals). A more realistic path toward liberty and justice for all is socialist construction under the kind of predominantly Black political leadership that could realistically move the country in that direction.

sensible don

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“I think the big challenge has been, how do we quantify, how do we get to a number. And then the next challenge will be, where does that money actually come from? Who is responsible for that,” San Francisco Republican Party Chairman John Dennis told CNN affiliate KGO in January.