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Gerhard Schroeder says there's a deal to be had for peace in Ukraine...


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So you'd give up North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida?

As an American patriot and veteran of military service...there is not an inch of US soil or not one citizen I would hesitate to defend....Even Florida and Mar-A-Lago....

well....maybe not Mar-A- Lago.
So you just lied and don't think Mar-A-Lago is an inch of US soil or have citizens living there!
Who cares? The f*cking Ukrainians care. Corrupt? That is exactly why Shokin was fired. Look up the diamond scandal. Shokin was firing anyone who attempted to investigate his former driver who murdered a diamond merchant and stole diamonds from his apartment. In any make claims without providing links to verifiable information. Who said it was the money laundering capitol? Is that why Manafort was doing business there?

Yes...the CCP has the largest navy in the world. Do they have more combat ships than the US? No. They have 9 missile subs. We have 18 Ohio class nuclear subs,
They have two active aircraft carriers...we have 11. Two of theirs carry about 30 aircraft...Ours carry 75.

Does anyone know where our aid is going? Clearly you do not really know how it works. They get an allocation that they can use to buy weapons from US supplies.
Most of what they get come from US military supplies. Some from US defense the drones. Yes..we know what they are getting.
Shokin was fired because Burisma needed him gone before he deposed Hunter Biden, and in rode The Whispering A-sshole who is so utterly arrogant and clueless later bragged about it.

Ohhh so you can account for the entire 40 billion? Wow... you should call the Czech Goverment because they admitted (one of the few that would) those arms will start showing up in other places.......

But hey, you can account for them, I mean your TV told you it was fine....soooo it's fine.... :rolleyes:
Yup...way better that they surrender about 1/3rd of the country to Putin, eh? The people of Ukraine don't think so.

Would you be willing to give up that much of the US to an invader?
Second time in this thread someone made such a stupid comparison, talk about apples to oranges.

Absent actual NATO troops (which would be ours) what choice do they have? Again, the people in charge of the Ukraine don't care at all as long as they keep their money and "jobs".....

How many thousands will die as you virtue signal your outrage about this... as Zelensky socks away billions and does more Vogue photo shoots........ how long are you going to try and convince yourself and the world that his war is about "Democracy"......

This war is a spat between Oligarchs.... but don't let that stop you from virtue signaling...