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Globalism and Imperial Gangsterism


Council Member
“Sovereignty is a lethal threat to the ongoing cultural revolution. That concerns the role of the European Union institutions – especially the European Commission – going no holds barred to dissolve the national interests of nation states. And that largely explains the weaponizing, in varying degrees, of Russophobia, Sinophobia and Iranophobia”.

Ongoing cultural revolution ? That’s a pretty fancy phrase for imperial gangsterism where globalists – private banks and corporations – are trying to introduce their New World Order, a laughable phrase for world wide imperial tyranny and plundering, where little traitors like Guaido and Navalny are promoted in order to sell out their own countries.

Russia and China are standing in the way to this imperial tyranny, wanting to secure a multilateral international system, as apposed to the unilateral one promoted by Anglo-American bankers. Iran is giving a helping had, although it’s debatable if it could last out without Russia and China.

The 21st century is beginning to resemble the barbarism of the Dark Ages. Not only are attempts made at subverting and destroying the sovereign status of Russia and China – the two chief obstacles to globalism – but we are witnesses to the destruction of European sovereign states, compliments of the EU, which was created for that very purpose. One of the chief tools for that destruction is wide scale immigration from third world countries, where multiculturalism is promoted. The globalists who promote this know perfectly well that it cannot work, which is the reason why it is done. The masses who pour into Europe have no intention of assimilating, but demand that native populations assimilate to their ways. In other words we are dealing with invading armies armed with fake passports instead of guns. These subversive policies are backed by “political correctness”, ie. tyranny. A few days ago French generals and lower ranks warned – in an open letter – that France is facing civil war and disintegration due to immigration. It is highly unlikely that a civil war in France can be averted.

About eight years ago a Polish website warned that if Europe does not reverse it’s immigration policies, then the whole native population of Europe will end up in Russia. I think the website was referring to the population of Western Europe. What the website stated might sound bombastic and melodramatic, but it is not impossible. For years I have been following the interest of West Europeans of moving into Russia.

Finally, one has to ask the question if the globalists will succeed in their Agenda. No, I think they will fail, as they have bitten more than they can chew. As the old army rule goes, “he who tries to defend everything ends up defending nothing”. In the case of the globalists one can say ” he who wants to invade and plunder everything ends up invading and plundering nothing”. However, before they are defeated, the globalists will have caused immense damage. We shall have to wait and see how much damage they caused.