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Go Green, They Say


That will fix everything energy related.

Except, it doesn't:

The “Greens” promise renewables, solar and wind power, will replace fossil fuels. After all, the wind and sun are free, and they don’t pollute!


Now countries that embraced renewables are so desperate for power that they eagerly import coal, the worst polluter of all!

Do they apologize? No. Greens never apologize.

Germany was a leader in renewable energy, so confident in solar and wind power that they closed half their nuclear plants.


That leaves Germans so short of power that Germans are now desperate to buy fossil fuels from Russia. Even worse, pollution-wise, high pollution coal now tops wind as Germany’s biggest electricity source. That’s really disgusting.

Then, even after putting all that soot in the air, Germans pay more than triple what Americans pay for electricity.

Renewable Failure - Stossel TV (


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I wonder if the greenbeans know what is used to grease bearings or how much oil is in a windmill or solar panel