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Here's How Republicans Can Turn the Tables on Biden Illegal Alien Vote Scheme

We all know what Joe Biden is up to. He's changed Trump's anti-illegal immigration accomplishments into an open borders welcome mat for illegal aliens, complete with illegally declaring the US as a sanctuary country. We all know why Biden is doing this. It's not because he likes the sound of Spanish being spoken. It's not because he wants Americans to be out of jobs, or die of Covid.

He's bringing illegals in and distributing them all over the country (by bus and/or by plane), to increase Democrat VOTES, and the busing and flying is to turn red states blue. Some Americans (Democrats in particular) will deny this (yeah sure), but we all all know exactly what's happening.

The question now is what can Republicans DO about all this ? There is something Republicans CAN do. They can make contact with illegal aliens and speak with them. Counsel them. INFORM them about just what it is that the Democratic Party stands for, before they become so anxious to go out and automatically give them their (illegal) vote.

First of all, the overwhelming majority of the migrants Biden is bringing in and redistributing around the country are from Latin America, and are Catholics. They may disrespect our US laws (and therefore us), but they really do have a strong attachment to their religion. As such, they are opposed to abortion, making them not in line with Democrat policy, right off the bat. They do listen to the Pope in Rome. Their religion also does not square well with Democrats' support of the gay lifestyle and transexual culture. They are not inclined to be supportive of Democrats' friendliness to Muslim radicalism, or just Islam, period.

They also, are not especially cool with being killed, robbed, or raped. Thus, they shouldn't be too cool with Democrats' goofy police defunding (if not abolishing) ideas either. Having come from high crime areas, they might be interested in arming themselves, and having some defense against gangs like MS 13 showing up outside their house. Thus, Biden gun resrictive policies might not be to their liking.

They might not be too enthusiastic about Biden's over-generous immigration policy (once they're already here and settled) - especially some facets of it, like when he and Obama were accepting African immigrants with Ebola. Biden and Democrats' friendliness to Iran and China could be stumbling blocks for Democrats.

I've listed 7 items here. There could be more. Biden might find his illegal alien constituency winding up to be a constituency for Republicans.