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Here's How To Stop July 4th Fireworks Noise

This is for wealthy people only. Wanna stop the annoying-as-hell racket of all day fireworks bursting around you ? Team up with other well-off friends/neighbors, and go to Walmart, Target, the supermarkets, and everywhere that they sell fireworks, and buy up every last firecracker they have on the shelf.

Do this on Thursday, July 1st, so the stuff will be gone before the fireworks nuts get paid on Friday. Over the weekend, chances are, the stores won't be able to order more in time.

Then just dump the stuff in your bathtub and run the shower over it, to destroy it, or pour your garden hose on it.

I cover my ears with shooting ear covers, but I can't do that for my poor cat who runs under the chair from the loud blasts. I don't have a dog, but I would imagine the noisy turbulence has a bad effect on them too. Maybe some dog owners could advise about that.