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Hezbollah vows death to Israel. Possible audition for MCU film role in the meantime?


Photo Above - Hezbollah jihadists. Not disgruntled Seahawks season ticket holders.
Not Shown - The May 2000 cease fire which triggered their current threats.

Hezbollah stages wargames for media, asserts readiness to confront Israel (

Normally I take war games seriously. Russia's 2022 winter camping trip on Ukraine's border proved prophetic. China has drafted a gazillion guys who aren't needed as workers, and too dim to be students. They've branded the new army as the Taiwan peaceful reunification battalion. They are diligently practicing beach landings.

But today Hezbollah is in the news. No . . . not the summer music festival - that's Lollapalooza. Hezbollah is one of the 500 terror groups on the American naughty list. If they had rockets capable of reaching anywhere in the US I'm sure we'd take them more seriously. But their home-built stuff goes at most 30-40 miles, so they have to be content with targeting Israel's shopping malls and apartment buildings. Sort of like Russia's strategy for drone attacks on Ukraine?

Hezbollah held war games over the weekend. This was to commemorate a cease fire with Israel which was signed 22 years ago. “Death to you . . . cease firing sons of dogs !!” (see link above for details. This may not be an accurate quote). Although the link doesn't mention it, I betcha a bunch of other terrorist groups are also planning something ingenious to rise to the top of the news cycle. Hamas. ISIS, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, the Revolutionary Guards, Abu Nidal, Ab-Normal, Bogus Haram . . . too many to count. Yikes! All these from just one desert-sky-god sect?

But today is Hezbollah day. Check out the picture at the top. Those guys are definitely pissed! They look even more imposing than green and black face painted Seahawks fans, no? But my guess is that the Seahawks guys might be better armed. And a bunch of them probably had legitimate military training, instead of just practicing with sticks and boosted jeep wranglers in some desert.

In the meantime, the Marvel Cinematic Universe should consider casting Hezbollah as extras in an upcoming movie. How about “Meteorite Worshippers – Infinity War!” (The sacred stone at the center of Mecca may be a meteorite discovered by shepherds, eons ago).

Hezbollah guys are seriously scary. Even without CGI effects. This could be a “return to roots” thing for Marvel. Forget the futuristic weapons, magic powers and time travel. Just a mob of angry INCELS vowing extermination of entire culture.

In the meantime, Israel, you'd better watch yourself! Signing a ceasefire with some guys appears to trigger decades of genocidal plotting.

I wonder if there's a lesson here for handling Russia?

Full disclosure – this writer has visited both Egypt and Israel. My advice: if you're planning a similar trip, go to Egypt first. So the Egyptian airport officials won't see an Israel entry stamp already on your passport. That said, most of the Egyptian guys you meet on the pyramid tour bus seem nice enough, even if they are frustrated INCELs, But why take chances?
Speaking of Egypt and Israel:

"The State of Israel has engaged in state-sponsored terrorism,[1] and has been accused of committing acts of state terrorism on a daily basis in the Palestinian Occupied Territories.[2]

"Countries that have condemned Israel's role as a perpetrator of state-sponsored terrorism or state terrorism include Bolivia,[3] Iran, Lebanon,[4] Saudi Arabia,[5] Syria,[6] Turkey,[7] and Yemen.[8]

"An early example of Israeli state-sponsored was the 1954 Lavon Affair, a botched bomb plot in Egypt that led to the resignation of the Israeli defense minister at the time."