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Hitler vs Trump

Did you miss the part where I said “there are more important differences than similarities”?

Among the most important difference she is that Trump is restrained by a powerful working class.
When you elevate Hitler like this it makes you look like a worthless piece of Nazi shit. FYI.


The most privileged sector of the working class ... just as the most privileged sector of the German working class voted for Hitler. That’s one similarity.
I don't think anyone can call the average rust-belt worker 'privileged'.

Unless you're a brain-dead liberal, of course.


Yes. Do you really think he won Detroit and Flint? Or was it the better-off people in the suburbs who were voting for him?
Did he not win Michigan and Wisconsin?

Maybe you should review the tape? There's a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth, but you can power through it.



Council Member
Did Hitler, in his first 8 years in power?

Has Trump, in fact, called for some of the same policies that led up to the Final Solution?
Yes....both creatures were/are filled with hate and the only difference is that Trump can't do what Hitler did......YET.