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Housing crisis averted? I know where you can get 10,000 buildings – cheap!


Photo above - Gary (Indiana) or Gaza? If you can't tell the difference, does it matter?

In a column a few days ago, this writer tackled the 1,000 unit vacant apartment tower in Los Angeles. The one being ravaged by vandals, ruined before it can even open. Reactions were mixed. “Graffiti can be cleaned up easily”. “It's not a police priority”. “Let's find the roots of social inequality first.” Ahem . ..

Let's fry some bigger fish today. How about 10,000 vacant buildings? All in one city. Is anyone interested in bidding on, and rehabbing these? Clearly not. If there was anyone, they'd already be doing it. The city is Gary, Indiana. See link below.

I hear you. Nobody wants to live in Gary. Despite the fact that it's the proud birthplace of Michael Jackson. The city has fallen on hard times. It used to make steel. Now America buys steel from India and China. Oh . . there's still an operating steel mill Baltimore, but it's owned by some Chinese Billionaire with ties to the ruling junta in Beijing. I don't want to live in Baltimore either - a similar level of decay as Gary Indiana. People want to live in places like NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Because there are ocean views and low paying jobs to go along with the dystopian chaos and decay. Housing affordability isn't the prime directive, it seems.

Normally, I'm a small government advocate. But it seems that if you have 10,000 empty buildings ,the government possibly has a role to play. If we can have tax abatement, highway construction, and subsidies for sports arenas and shopping malls, why not try that stuff to interest corporations and workers into giving Gary Indiana a shot? Elon Musk built his mega-giga-lithium battery factory in Hornsby Glen, Texas, at the junction of state roads 71 and 130. Those roads were widened to accommodate traffic for the new factory and workers. And Musk got tax assistance, electrical grid upgrades, zoning variances, yada yada. Hornsby Glen isn't THAT far from the Gulf of Mexico, and is considered at risk for hurricanes, tornados, and windmill-killing deep freezes. Gary Indiana only has one of those problems.

The Hornsby/Austin area now has a housing SHORTAGE. Builders can't keep up with the demand for tract houses and brutalist architectural style apartment blocks. But Musk had no problem bringing the Giga factory online, in record time. Government can make or break you.

I'm not going to blame the city fathers of Gary Indiana for failing to take action. Mayor Eddie Melton is no worse than a lot of failing rust belt city mayors. And he was born in, and attended Gary public schools, so he at least knows the turf. Gary's problems deserve a statewide examination, perhaps. That's how they do it in Texas.

America is getting crushed by illegal immigrants, who are bused and flown to places like NY, Boston, Los Angeles . . . and now Denver. If the federal government truly wants to help, it could repurpose some spending for renovating Gary. Can't we redirect a sliver of the endless subsidies of electric cars, Tesla factories, solar panels, wind turbines, experimental hydrogen refineries, upcoming moon landings, and the $2 billion per copy B-21 bombers?

Or if we really don't care anymore, then let's just send a B-21 to target Gary.

I'm just sayin' . . .

Inside deserted US town where 10,000 buildings sit abandoned (

(Full disclosure - the writer was being sarcastic when she suggested bombing Gary Indiana back to the stone age. Let's stop bombing Gaza too, while were on that topic.)

sensible don

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Still waiting on that math homework, let's go it isn't that hard - divide the ACTUAL REAL AG. acreage into the huge sales figure you posted AS FACT