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How to get out of your timeshare

Schrodinger's Platypus

Radical Constitutional Extremist
Definitely not for the better. The timeshare industry started out as a vacation club scam. RCI was originally a ripoff that actually wound up working. Everyone who works in the timeshare industry understands that.

I wouldn't recommend making a career of out of timeshare sales, especially with the negative PR it has been getting through these "get you out of your timeshare" hacks.
Many years after we sold our time share but while I was still young I found myself in Mazatlan with a friend. We came across a hack selling time shares. All we had to do was sit and listen to a sales pitch and we’d get this fabulous book of coupons for tons of free shit! No obligation to buy! I said, “Aw hell no! I know how this story goes!” but she wanted the coupons so we agreed. Big mistake. Yep we ended up wasting the whole afternoon of precious vacation time listening to the pitch all for a coupon book. We wanted to leave early after the initial pitch but they said they weren’t done yet. No pitch, no book. So we sat and waited.

Never again.