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Hypocrite Biden Kills Trump Rule to Allow More Water Flow from Showerheads

Hypocrite Biden Kills Trump Rule to Allow More Water Flow from Showerheads, while at the same time, drastically worsens the country's water scarcities, by allowing in half a million illegal aliens in 6 months. A million of these a year, and this POPULATION burst creates worsening of the water scarcity problem, 100 times what the showerheads have anything to do with.

MANY more people also means much more POLLUTION, and this is another of the main causes of water shortage. All kinds of toxic substances can easily get into our water system and, once they taint it, we can no longer count on this particular freshwater source.

BTW since there is a definite correlation between illegal aliens and WILDFIRES (they light them), which consume enormous amount of scarce water, this makes the influx of these aliens an even worse problem.

I've been writing on this resources issue, regarding illegal immigration for years.

Harms of illegal immigration

1. Americans lose jobs. (especially Whites due to affirmative action).
2. Wage reduction.
3. Tax $ lost (due to off books work + lower wages paid).
4. Remittance $$$ lost. ($148 Billion/year). Remittance flows worldwide in 2017
5. Tax $$ lost to immigrants on welfare.
6. Increased crime.
7. Increased traffic congestion.
8. Increased pollution.
9. Overcrowding in hospital ERs.
10. Overcrowding in recreational facilities.
11. Overcrowding in government offices.
12. Overcrowding in schools.
13. Decrease in funds available for entitlements.
14. Cultural erosion.
15. Overuse of scarce resources (oil, gasoline, fresh water, jobs, electricity, food, etc)
16. Introduction of foreign diseases
17. Influx of terrorists.
18. Wildfires
19. Litter
20. Housing saturation.
21. Excessively high housing costs.

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