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I leave you with a few wise words:

Nutty Cortez

Dummy (D) NY
FYI... opinion pieces ARE "actual journalism".

And wth? I said I go to all the sources and try to sort out the news.

so.... you disagreeing with the good professor, or just being persnickety? Look at how the journalists behave themselves, they are in no wise acting professional, I don't care how long their respective news outlets have been around. Neither are they in any wise neutral, they are totally on the attack, and all the more so in an election year.

You are attempting to drown me in the propaganda of the left... no thanks, I'm quite familiar with their schtick, it hasn't gotten better over time, in fact, it has gone from bad to worse.

Amen. well said.


Republicans are taking us to a very evil place in this country. Open your eyes. Turn off Fox News, Brietbart, and all the other propaganda. Try getting your news only from sources that have been around for fifty plus years.

Reality matters.

You aren't bad people you have just been lied to day in and day out and you believe the lies.

Be a patriot. Go back to old sources that are actually about news not propaganda.

The same sources that declared the dossier to be a real intelligence document, Russian collusion to be true and irrefutable, declared the Convington kids to be racist harassers of an old indian, claimed Kavanaugh to be a serial rapist, ranted about Smollett to have been beaten by racist Trump supporters, and claimed that Trump was doing nothing to halt the spread and effects of Covid 19, Etc. etc. etc.

Most of us deal with facts. We avoid fake news.