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ICE Is Doing a Great Job. 2018 Was a Big Year

ICE has been arresting illegal aliens and auditing employers this past year, like never before. Raids of workplaces soared from 1700 in 2017, to about 7000 in 2018 (a 412% increase). Likewise, audits of employers went from 1300 in 2017, to nearly 6000 this year (462% increase).

Worksite arrests jumped from 300 (2017), to 2300 this year (a 766% increase). In contrast with the Obama years, ICE now says it "will arrest and process for removal, workers identified during audits and investigations.” The Trump administration has also gotten more hardline on illegal immigration, by now targeting for deportation, ALL illegal aliens, rather than just those with criminal histories.

The increase in enforcement also included raids on about 100 7-11 convenience stores, across the country.

While the overall number of arrests is relatively small compared to the number of illegal aliens working in America, the stepped up enforcement does send a chilly message to employers that they cannot hire illegal aliens with impunity and face big risks in doing so. Nobody knows if they will be the next ones to be raided.

ICE Dramatically Increased Workplace Arrests Of Undocumented Immigrants In 2018