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If Democrats can't pass their agenda now, they may not get another chance for years. Here's why

They went to hold together the union.
As in Vietnam, Killing Off or Taking the Fight out of the Bravest of Those Born in the White Working Class

Whites against Whites holds together the union for whom? By Lincoln's design, the Robber Barons and Carpetbaggers took over the restored Union. Their Gilded Age should have been called the "Gelded Age."


Echoing Mr. Biden's "voter suppression" speech I see. It was all theater with Stacy Adams who is black for effect.

The left is adamant that there was no evidence of voter fraud. So it's fair to ask where is the evidence there is voter suppression? None of course it's a just a presumption put out by Biden masquerading as a fact.

On top of that Georgia's election laws are far more liberal than Biden's home state of Delaware. So why doesn't Joe take Stacy up there where it was do some good for a finale. For that matter why not a tour?
The evidence has been linked to, in this thread.

Georgia has harsher restrictions of voting rights.

write on

And preceding the Midterms was a downturn in the economy under libbies. Carter before Reagan, Clinton before the mid-terms, and Obama before the mid-terms. The people do not want this. It starts with large stimulus spending and then...Kaboom.
Right wing fascist gerrymandering does NOT show the will of the people.



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They won because they are by far the more popular party, so much so that their margin of popular support compensated for the unfair advantages of their opposition.
Most popular party according to Registrations is Independents but the D's and R' keep them swamped and underdogs...........

NO D' or R' can get elected w/out votes by Independents.......and presently our party isn't happy.......time for an I' POTUS

BTW: off topic but when I read this was hoping you had seen it: