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If it ain't white, it ain't right


Ending Racism with or without Hillary
Wonder how that too dang lily brilliant white master plan of this Christian Nation "serve the Pope or die" master race diatribe tautology suicidal pedophilia business economics lynching enforcement where if a child questions plastic particulates from Arab oil in the environment, Mengele Angel of Death baptize thine eyes by urinations must be the standard to maintain that "man is God" rule the earth & destroy the world as in their national religion upholding the US Constitution malfeasance concerning thieving US Constitution - old glory - old testament - absentee voting ballot arsonists & those Arab flying carpet "death to the infidels" terrorists with one nation under God immaculate drug conception standing.....
Were you asking a question or trying to see how many adjectives you could use in a sentence that make no sense?


Captain Fokke
Supporting Member
That's the core belief of the republican base.

It's easy to represent a bunch of white people, and then make light of a political party that is headstrong in their beliefs and what our founding fathers saw in the future of what America would become.

For those 'sitting on the fence', know this...

Democrats represent the diversity that IS America;

Minorities, immigrants, the homeless (the poor), ethnic cultures, the LGBTQ, Atheism, et al.

I cringe at how they spit in the face of anyone who is a Democrat but know that if it wasn't for Democrats, the U.S.A. would have long ago became a fascist state in the hands of greedy, self absorbed republicans.

Trump, and his cult followers, prove me right.
You need to change your moniker to "Chief walking eagle"