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If Liberals/Democrats Still Can't See the Need for an ARMED Population, They're Beyond Help


What does it take to get the Left/Democrats to realize being ARMED is a critically important fact of life ?
Is 1300 dead Israelis, and 29 dead Americans (15 more missing/unaccounted for) enough ?

Maybe the problem is that leftists ae afraid of guns, and too terrified of them to even touch them. My leftwing sister will not even visit me, just from knowing that there are 2 guns in my house.

Part of the problem is the US education system, which is controlled by liberals, and which offers nothing about firearms or law enforcement. Kids grow up with no gun training at all, unless they receive it at home, which won't happen in liberal households, because the parents are just as gun clueless as the kids.

Generally, neither the liberal kids or their liberal parent ever spent one day in a military boot camp being trained about guns. Never spent a day in a police academy. Making matters worse are all the propaganda from the left that guns are more dangerous to the gun owners, than they are helpful. Whoever concocted that myth musy have been really terrified of guns. I have owned and carried guns for almost 60 years. I have never had an accident or got injured from a gun. Dozens of people I know have handled guns their whole lives, The total amount of accidents from them is > Zero.

Maybe we need to bring back the draft, or somehow get all the looney tune liberals out of our schools. :rolleyes:
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Seeing as how the anti-gun nuts still were against arming school personnel even after the various school shootings, should we have much confidence that they will finally get a brain, after the Israeli massacres ?